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16th September 2010


Someday, love will find me in the rough,

Someday, love will finally be enough.

I’ve been shining a little more lately ♥

I once joked about my favourite car being this…

And little did I know, you brought me there on this very special day:

The cable car service was stopped for a year for rebranding,

hence I was totally oblivious that it’s up and available already!

We had to hold onto our champagne glasses before…

16th September 2010


You know what? Taiwan, Korean and Japanese fashion rocks big time. And thanks to Vogue Streets, I’ve got afew more lovely Korean apparels added to my wardrobe! And all are exclusively imported from Korea! Spell the word ‘love’ please!

Avant Garde Tee




Colorful Smile Cotton Dress




Runa Stripe Cotton Jumpsuit






Tiara Ribbon Denim Jumpsuit



16th September 2010


As you all know, myfatpocket has revamped and of course, the new website is much better and more improved! I love the theme of the website too. Simple, neat and nice. And the background is white! Love white backgrounds :)

Basically, what I love about myfatpocket is that it has got the latest gossips, latest fashion, love, lifestyle(and they’ll even teach you guide to flirting at work!! hahahaha!) about makes up and everything. How-to videos and etc. It’s like all-in-1 website and i’m…

16th September 2010


Did an event with Comex at Suntec convention area for Samsung … Samsung’s new camera with front screen for cam-whores.
My dress code is BLACK for CHIC . This new camera came with 4 different colours , pink, purple gold and black and i was chosen
for black.
Am i lucky or what ?

With some of the babes involved in this event.

T came to pick me from work , and went to wheelock to meet up with the rest .


P woke up to perfection , hence, that pose.

16th September 2010


Visit Celestina’s blog

15th September 2010


Join the fan page for the founder of chilli crab , Roland restaurant .

Location: Block 89, Marine Parade Central, #06-750 (440089)

Marine Parade Estate, Singapore
Phone: 6440 8205 
Mon – Sun:11:30 am – 2:30 pm , 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

P.s : Mention my name at the Roland restaurant and you can get 10% OFF on Ala Carte !!!!

15th September 2010


New hair colour is Ash Blonde.

For this pass 2 years I’ve been visiting this salon call Twister.
And this awesome salon is currently having this too good to be true promotion now.

If you do Redken treatment+ cut the price would be $139- $199.
Add another $1 and you can do colouring for that $1. Sounds too good to be true right?

Do remember to book a appointment with Kason beforehand.
Just let him know if you want to cut my hairstyle or dye my hair colour.

If you’re interested in…

14th September 2010


Have you visited Myfatpocket new website?

The new revamp site was neater and much more easier to surf, that’s what i think.
Talking about how much i love/ hate Myfatpocket website, to be frank I’ve got no comments on it.

As all along i am not interested in stuffs which doesn’t link with Japanese culture.
But there’s one time that i really like the site which was during April the Japan Month.

Regarding how much i hate the website, i guess you should be able to tell from what i mention…